Enhance the energy efficiency of motor skills

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Electrical energy problem has become a focus of attention. Ours

is a big country motor production and use , no amount of power consumed

by the motor alone accounts for more than half of the overall

generating capacity , so reducing electrical power consumption , improve

energy efficiency motors already is imperative. Countries

have also introduced a series of policies to encourage the production

of energy efficient electrical motors , increased promotional efforts . CIMA Motor efficient product has entered the market in the energy

Regard to good effect , not only that, Cima motor technicians also found during maintenance of the motor can also save energy .


example, in the course of the high-voltage induction motors wedge ring ,

you can turn ordinary bamboo wedge or wedge epoxy board replaced

magnetic wedge , so that the motor is running can improve the

performance of the motor , and can play a very good energy saving effect.


wedge has been able to play a role in energy conservation , because the

magnetic wedge allows uniform distribution of the magnetic gap , which

can reduce the effects of harmonics , while reducing vibration and loss

of surface veins , shortening the effective length of the air gap . This can improve the air gap magnetic potential waveform of the motor , reducing the load current, power factor have changed. After such an improved motor , the iron loss is reduced , so the temperature is reduced. Thus improving motor efficiency while also reducing noise and vibration of the motor,

Is to extend the service life of the motor .

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