TI's future development direction of China's motor

Update Time :2014-05-26The view :2890

A. embedded control : for example, when the brushless motor will turn the steering phase detection, brush motor carbon brush commutation through , TRBC no sensor , this time to detect and control functions are placed inside the chip .

B. advanced control algorithms: a recent field of motor control algorithm is one of the best transit FOC, many of the production department in 16-bit microcontroller already moved into the FOC algorithm, also called reduced instruction of the FOC algorithm.

C. digital control loop : do digital control loop has the advantage that there are a simulator that you need to debug and change some of the parameters may change some of the resistance and capacitance of the organization , now using digital control mode, change the parameters directly by software can

, So customers' products run time will be faster.

D. higher levels of integration : There are many external controls , the current loop detection portion is also on the chip inside , put some isolation circuit on the inside, so the integration will be higher.

E. motor accuracy , linearity higher : for example, to go to 256 segments, or semi- flow motor is running at full current during operation , but at a reduced running or not running down the current .

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