Electric energy efficiency and stimulate the market reform plans vitality

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and AQSIQ released the "National

Electric Energy efficiency enhancement program ( 2013 to 2015 ) " , is

expected to drive the market demand for high-efficiency motors and

related equipment nearly $ 100 billion .


elimination roadmap , many companies eliminated in accordance with the

motor behind the goal to develop a three-year phase-out plan : eliminate

the use of inefficient motors 160 million kilowatts , the

implementation of the motor system energy saving technological

transformation 100 million kilowatts . Where in 2013 the transformation of 30 million kilowatts , 30 million

kilowatts by 2014 reform , in 2015 the transformation of 40 million

kilowatts .

According to industrial energy efficiency , " second five" planning

requirements, to improve motor efficiency as the goal , focus motor

production , use, return

Key to close and re- manufacturing , accelerate the elimination of

inefficient motors, vigorously develop and promote efficient electrical

products , expanding market share of high efficiency motors ; accelerate

the implementation of energy-saving motor system , establish and

improve the recycling of waste motor mechanism , push

Into the motor efficient remanufacturing ; strengthen policy support

and guidance, improve testing methods , and strengthen standards

constraints , strict market access , strengthen supervision and

management , and gradually establish a mechanism for the implementation

of a combination of incentives and constraints , to enhance the power

Functional efficiency levels , promote industrial restructuring and

upgrading the motor , push the "five " emission reduction targets



identifies accelerate the promotion of efficient motors , eliminating

inefficient motors, motor system implementation of energy transformation

, the implementation of efficient motors and speed up the main task of

remanufacturing technology development and application of

high-efficiency motors and other aspects of the demonstration . Proposed to strengthen the organization and coordination , increase

policy support to strengthen supervision and inspection, to promote

energy management contract to accelerate the standard system ,

strengthen technical support services and other aspects of safeguards.


issued in April this year, " 2013 industrial energy efficiency and

green development special action plan" put forward this year will focus

on promoting the implementation of the energy efficiency of the motor

and lead-related industries to enhance the development of green two

special programs . In addition to setting specific targets outside the plan , to monthly,

quarterly set schedule requirements , its policies and support the

central government will continue to strengthen .

Prior to the May 2012 , the state borrowed " three-phase asynchronous

motor energy efficiency of small and medium limited value and energy

efficiency rating


" release, significantly improve the access threshold energy-saving

motors , clearly restrict the production and sale of ordinary

energy-efficiency motors. In November, the Ministry of Finance , Development and Reform Commission , the Ministry issued on efficient

Energy saving fan , water pump, air compressor subsidies.


2011 , the Ministry of Finance and NDRC jointly issued the "

energy-saving products on the issuance of high-efficiency motors promote

the implementation details ," which actually form of restrictions ,

promote , subsidies, planning the implementation of a series of

industry-driven mechanism.

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