Y Three-phase asynchronous motor
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  • Y Three-phase asynchronous motor
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Detailed Info

  Y series three-phase asynchronous motor is half uses low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor series. This series can meet the needs of domestic and foreign general purpose, several range of 80 - 315 is a new series of products cheekbones yo unified design. From Y series motors have efficiency, energy saving, good performance, low vibration, low noise, long life, high reliability, easy maintenance, rotation torque, etc., mounting dimensions and power ratings in full compliance with IEC standards, class B insulation, housing protection class IP44, cooling method is IC411. Y series motor, rated voltage (380V), rated at 50HZ, 3KW what is "Y" connection, 4KW above is "▲" connection, Y series motor used in half of the mechanical equipment without special requirements, such as machine tools, mixers , air compressors, fans, pumps, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc.

Product-related parameters
Base center height::80~315mm
Power Range:0.55~200KW
Rated voltage:380V(Other voltages agreed upon separately
Rated frequency:50Hz(or60HZ)
Protection class:IP44(or60Hz)
Insulation class:F
Installation structure: B3 (Stand with feet, no cover flange) B35 (Stand with feet, cover flange) B5 (base without feet, cover with flange)

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